UIA REGIONAL ORGANIZATION                                                                                                          

A – Architecture
 I – Information
R – Russia 

A creative action for young established members of the architectural community: architects, building engineers, artists, designers, as well as for PhDs, those with masters and bachelors degrees, students of architectural institutes, journalists and critics

Organization of professional architectural and artistic experiments in the most beautiful and ecologically clean locations in Russia

The holding of thematic meetings, blitz-competitions, master classes, and brainstorming for young members of the professional architectural community, under the guidance of leading experts and specialists

Educational/informational training programs for fruitful creative and professional communication

The Event-Portal of the same name ArchInfo.Ru - Architecture Arch, Information Info, Russia Rus. This portal, the Information Agency of the Unions of Architects "rchitect", unites the information sites of architectural organizations, unions, associations, and private architects: Maca.ru, Architektor.ru, Moskvarch.ru, Mosma.ru, Mniip.ru, Arhmetro.ru, Bokov.info, etc. The ArchInfo.Ru portal was unveiled as an interactive international architectural space at the XXIII World Congress of the International Union of Architects of Turin 2008.

The coordinators of the international programs of the Youth Association of the Unions of Architects: Polina Efimova art@archinfo.ru

The program manager of the Unions of Architects: Alexandr Chugunov chugunov@archinfo.ru