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The ARCHITECT Information Agency broadly covers Russian and foreign architectural news, the activities of the Unions of Architects. Our work is intended for providing information to the professionals in the field of architecture and adjacent disciplines.

Among the constant users of the Agency’s information are more than 12 000 members of the Union of Architects of Russia and Moscow and all those who are interested in the problems of architecture and construction. We actively work at the specialized and thematic exhibitions, organize conferences and seminars and accomplish target address information distribution.

The “Architect” Inform Agency suggests a wide spectrum of services for arranging PR-campaigns in the field of architecture and design using all the advantages of the contemporary multimedia facilities.

We have a lot of experience in the following fields:

Creation and support of architectural web-sites. Our portfolio includes more than 30 web-sites of the leading Russian architects and architectural bureaus. As the addition to an individually developed web-site our clients receive a set of additional PR services free of charge.Rendering information services. While rendering information services we propose different volumes and places for presenting your materials and banners in various site rubrics, as well as at the additional partners’ area.
Organization of the conferences, seminars and other types of events, including those attached to such large forums. Publishing the CD-catalogues on architectural themes. Multimedia accompaniment of ceremonies, e.g., in a form of a slide-show. Organization of electronic supply for architectural events, which permits to move the event to an international level and provides a mass of advantages to the event’s hosting party.
You can also arrange a subscription for electronic distribution of the Agency’s information free of charge. Our digests propose the latest information on the events in the world of architecture, construction and design, on the projects and realized buildings, on the interesting people and new technologies.

Invite! The new portal architecture combines information on the sites that we create, fill, and promote. Architektor.ru, Moskvarch.ru, Mosma.ru, Mniip.ru, Arhmetro.ru, and many others in the space of AIR-Architecture Information Russia - ArchInfo.ru