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Architecture, construction, climate architects commitment

As the world’s national governments are preparing for COP21, the international climate treaty negotiations taking place later this year, the UIA is working with national and regional architecture organisations to further its actions encouraging the reduction of CO2 emissions in building and planning projects and preparing a programme on these issues.
This year's World Architecture Day, to be celebrated on 5 October, will be a part of the climate programme with its theme: Architecture, Construction, Climate. The UIA invites its members, working bodies, and partners to help develop an Internet platform to publicise and promote actions, practices, and solutions that illustrate the huge potential architecture and urban planning have in the struggle against global climate change.
A joint conference of UIA, ACE, and their members, in partnership with the Cité de l’architecture in Paris is scheduled on 30 November 2015 on the theme: Architects and Climate Change. UIA President Esa Mohamed of Malaysia will lead a delegation of
professionals at the COP21 conference from 30 November to 10 December.

Read the UIA 2050 Imperatives declaration: