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Dear Sirs,

Thank you very much for sending me the traslation in English and Greek and I am deeply honored for your congratulations and support. I will do my best to fulfill your expectations and I am ready to substantially collaborate with the Russian section Please accept my congratulations too  for the election of your representatives  in the Council Arch Nicolae Shumakov and his alternate Yaroslav Usov. I appreciated their  strong support to my candidature and as well did your past Council members Andrey Kaftanov and Andrey Bokov. I would like also to express my congratulations to Nicolae for receiving the special UIA Award.I am waiting your proposals on joint subjects which we can with your contribution achieve in the next triennium towards the vision of the development of the civilization of 21st century in our Region. I would be pleased to receive from you proposals on potential future  Region II meetings in Russi.a 

Looking forward to meet you very soon.


With my best friendly regards, 

Nikos Fintikakis, Architect

UIA Vice President R II



VIII Moscow Flower Show


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