UIA REGIONAL ORGANIZATION                                                                                                          

The aim of corporate program of the International Association of Union of Architects and  the  Information agency “Architect” is creating  united information space as well as VIP space for all representatives of  architectural community.

Those who desire to take part in the activity of the club are invited to fill the interactive questionnaire on corporate and official websites of The Information agency UA “Architect”.

Regisrated participants will receive passwords to enter their personal account organized as a social network.

The club members will be able to maintain contacts regardless of their location and to participate in the topical video conferences, to initiate discussions in various spheres of professional life, to post actual local information an so on.

Directly from the personal account ones can apply for participation in international and inter-architectural events of any level.

Architectural Internet TV will play particularly important role.  Its vocation is keeping abreast of the latest news and developments.

Please send requests for videos-interviews, video-films about projects and events, for presentations, multimedia albums and other related themes to our address shown below.

Eugeny Kolesov
e-mail: masa@co.ru

Ekaterina Chugunova
e-mail: press@architektor.ru