Международная Ассоциация Союзов Архитекторов
The International Association of Eurasian Unions of Architects (IAUA)




David Abuladze  – President IAUA, the Union of architects of Georgia 

Bahrom Yusupov  – the vice-president IAUA,  the Union of architects of Tajikistan

Igor Voskresensky – the Executive Secretary of the UNGO IAUA

Information about IAUA

The International Association of Unions of Architects (IAUA) is the International Union of Associations of legal entities, a creative union. The Association was founded in 1992.
It includes unions of architects of the following countries: Azerbaijan,Armenia,Belarusia, Republic of Georgia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kirghiz Republic, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Turkmenistan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Serbia, Russia, as well as cities: Nur-Sultan, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg.
The Association operates based on the principle of self-management, voluntary membership, equality of members.
The Association is a legal entity, and has capital and working assets.

The name of the Association in English is:
Full name: The International Association of Unions of Architects
Abbreviated name: IAUA.
The headquarters are located at the address: Russian Federation, 123001, Moscow, Granatny per. 3, Building 2.

The Association has the following objectives:

- Promotion of protection of creative, social, economic rights and professional interests of architects, other experts that participate in the development of architecture and their associations;
- Promotion of aesthetic education of the population and introduction in the life of the best samples of domestic and world architecture.
- All-round development of creative co-operation, assistance to achievement of mutual understanding and coordination among architects and other creative individuals and their associations.

Tasks set by the Association are:

- to participate in the development and to carry out public examination of laws, statuary acts, decisions of state bodies concerning architecture and town planning;
- to participate in training of specialists in architecture, to promote growth of their professional skills;
- to provide for awareness about achievements in architecture and town planning;
- to create a databank of the Association’s subjects and to provide Association members with updated information and methodical materials;
- to organize and carry out exhibitions, competitions, shows, auctions to fulfill the set tasks and to meet objectives;
- to establish on behalf of the Association awards, prizes, grants;
- to arrange for conferences, congresses, seminars on issues related to the Association’s authorized activities;
- to summarize and share experience of creative activities of the Association’s members.

Members of the Association can be unions of architects of states, creative public associations of architects and experts working in related areas, legal entities registered subject to procedures established by law, sharing the Association’s purposes and problems, and recognizing the IAUA Articles of Association.
- Admission to the Association is carried out at the decision of the IAUA Coordination Council, members are accepted unanimously by all members of the Coordination Council.
The supreme management body of the Association is a conference that is convened by the Coordination Council as required, but at least once per 4 years.
In-between Conferences the management body is the IAUA Coordination Council formed by the conference for a time period of 4 years, viewing of representation of all unions of architects that are the Association members.
The Coordination Council’s structure includes: President, Vice-President, Past-President, Executive Secretary, Heads of Unions of Architects - IAUA members.
The Council sessions are carried out as required but at least once per year.
The Bureau of the Association is the management body for a time period between the Coordination Council’s sessions, and is a permanent management body that is exercising the right of a legal entity on behalf of the Association and is performing its duties according to the Articles of Association.
The Bureau includes: President, Vice-President, Past-President and the Executive Secretary.
The Bureau meetings take place as required but at least once per quarter.
The Association structure includes sections and branches sections. Branches and representative offices are created in Russia and abroad at the coordination council’s decision upon presentation by the head of the union of architects of that state, in which the above said structures of Association are created.
At present the IAUA Articles of Association are being amended.

Provisions about associated members of IAUA are being worked out. At present associated members of IAUA can be enterprises, organizations, establishments, both created by IAUA and any others enterprises, organizations of design building structures or those that produce building materials, recognize the Articles of Association and pay membership fees.
Changes and additions to the Charter are registered subject to the order established by the law.
Assets and property of IAUA are formed from entrance and membership fees, voluntary payments, gifts, donations of legal and physical persons, receipts from the events carried out by the Association, income of enterprises, external economic and other lawful activities, part of income of economic societies created by Association and companies, civil-law bargains and other receipts not forbidden by law.
The Association has and can have in the ownership ground plots, buildings, constructions, and available housing, equipment, stock, property of cultural-educational designation; money resources, shares and other securities, as well as other movable and real estate objects needed to provide for activities, stipulated by the Articles of Association.
The Association can also own results of intellectual activity, establishment, publishing house, the mass media created and belonging to the Association according to its authorized purposes.
IAUA has an official organ: journal “Architecture, Construction, Design”, and is a co-editor of the journal “Landscape Architecture. Design”.

Main areas of the Association’s activities include:

Annual international show-competition for the best design (construction) of the year on the territory of CIS states. A total of 16 show-competitions for the best design (construction) of the year were conducted. Competitions were conducted in Moscow and in capitals of states, the unions of architects of which are IAUA members.

-Annual international conference “Landscape Architecture and Design of the Urban Environment”. Conferences have been conducted since 2000.
-IAUA permanent mobile exhibition. It has been demonstrated in different CIS capitals since 2000.
-Show of designs developed by IAUA members at the annual Moscow international art show at the Central House of Artists on the art show topics.
-Participation in an annual international show-competition for best diploma designs of graduates of architectural schools of Russia and CIS states.
-Biannually arrangement for and conduct of meetings of the Council of Chief Architects of capitals of the CIS states on topical issues of town planning and architecture in the Commonwealth states. A total of 8 Council meetings were conducted.
-Participation in the Council programs on cultural cooperation between CIS member countries.
-Publication of the journal “Architecture, Construction, Design”.
-Publication of the journal “Landscape Architecture. Design” jointly with the Guild of Professionals in Landscape Industry and International Center “Landscape. Architecture. Design”.
-Joint program with the International Creative Union “Archproject” on the development and implementation of projects with architects of CIS and far abroad states.