Международная Ассоциация Союзов Архитекторов
The International Association of Eurasian Unions of Architects (IAUA)

Design 2050

Design 2050


April 9th, 2011

UIA/JOB Coordinating Council of UIA2011Tokyo

UIA2011Tokyo is on track
despite the disasters that hit Eastern Japan!
The 4th Coordinating Council of UIA2011Tokyo, held on April 8 and 9, 2011, examined intensively the current situation after March 11th and reached the conclusion to make maximum efforts to work together for the success of the Congress, the General Assembly and the Council Meetings in Tokyo as scheduled (September 25th through October 1st , 2011).
Architects acting 
beyond Disasters, through Solidarity, towards Sustainability
The 24th UIA World Congress of Architecture 2011
The professionals and students related to the built environment gather from around the world in a host city of the UIA Congress held every three years. The 24th Congress will be held in the Tokyo central districts during September 25-28, 2011, under the pressing primary theme as follows; 
Design 2050
Beyond Disasters, through Solidarity, towards Sustainability
Right at the moment when Japan faces the devastating disasters since March 11, the participants will talk, transmit, discuss together according to the sub-themes below deeply related to the “human security”, and examine together images of urban, architectural and living environment towards and beyond 2050; 
1. Environment
2. Culture
3. Life
Thereby, a firm solidarity of our professional communities will be encouraged to work together for the equity for all beyond the boundaries of region, nation, race, religion, language, gender, etc., for the sake of supporting the affected people and areas and also discussing to propose what should be done now and in the future within the global context. 
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