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Leonardo 2011 Award

Leonardo 2011 Award




Clause about the IVth International Biennale of young architects
 “Leonardo 2011 Award”


1.  General Data

The organizer of IVth Minsk international competition of young architects “Leonardo 2011” (further The Biennale) is Belarusian Union of Architects (BUA). Biennale is held under the auspices and with the support of Ministry of Architecture and Construction of Republic of Belarus,  Ministry of  culture of Republic of Belarus, Minsk Executive Committee, Intergovernmental Foundation for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation of the CIS (IFESCCO), International Union of Architects (UIA), International Association of Unions of Architects (IAUA). The Biennale is organized within the framework of the IXth National festival of architecture “Minsk 2011”aiming to make young architects’ works of the last three years known to the wide society and foreign colleagues; to appoint best works and authors; to popularize their creative achievements; to reveal future outlooks and trends of architecture.  
The best entries exposed at the Biennale will be awarded with the IVth International Biennale of young architects “Leonardo 2011” Awards. Architectural works created at a high professional level, bearing the social value, with high esthetic & artistic, engineering and economic features and not having been exposed at the previous “Leonardo” Biennales may be recognized as the best ones.
The Competition is called upon to develop and widen traditions laid in the previous Competitions: “Leonardo 2003”, “Leonardo 2005”, “Leonardo 2007” and “Leonardo 2009”.
Architects of the age under 40 have the right to participate in the Competition. Presented projects are to be made within the last three years in the process of the professional activity (not student ones). The participation in the Biennale is free of charge.
The amount of works by one author is unlimited.
Biennale works will be exposed in the National Art Gallery (3 Kozlov St.) in Minsk from 3rd to 5th of November 2011.

2. Competition Sections and Nominations

Biennale entries will be presented in two sections: “Projects” and “Constructions”. The projects built and put into operation in 2008-2011 will be united in the “Constructions’ Section. Projects, project proposals, author’s conceptions are to be involved into the “Project” Section

Principal nominations are set up in each Section:
1. Town-planning and designing;  
2. Social and industrial complexes, buildings and establishments;
3. Living high-storied houses;
4. Living one-apartment and low-storied houses (1 to 3 floors);
5. Landscape architecture, city design and monumental art and sculpture in the architecture;
6. Restoration, regeneration, reconstruction and rehabilitation of historical and cultural heritage;
7. Interior. 


3. Prizes for winners

The winners will be rewarded with the following prizes:
• Grand-prix for the best “Construction” and the best “Project” (with Medal and Diploma);
• The winner of each nomination – Medal and Diploma;
• The second prize-winners of each nomination – Diploma;
• The participant of the Competition – Participant Diploma; 
• Besides “Leonardo 2011 Award” Diplomas, works will also be rewarded with UIA, IAUA and ACCEE Diplomas and valuable prizes.


4. Jury

The Jury of the Competition is made up of 9 members and established by board of directors of BUA month before the Competition starts. The Chairman of the Jury is to be elected by the Jury members. The jury includes representative persons of the UIA, well known foreign architects and leading architects of the Republic of Belarus.
The Jury members are not allowed to participate in the Biennale. The decisions made by the jury are validated in a report with signatures of all jury members who took part in the session.. The decisions made by not less than 7 present jury members are considered to be valid. If the votes are divided equally, the Chairman has the voting.    

5. Registration of  participation

In order to participate in the competition the managing representative of the authors’ group is to send filled registration form for each object (see appendix A) to the Secretariat of  PO “BUA” (Belarusian Union of Architects) before October, the 1st  2011 to the following address: 
The Secretariat of PO “BUA”, The Republican House of Architect
K.Marx St., 14
Tel. /fax: (+ 375 17) 227 71 20
or e-mail:


6. Arrangement of the Competition’s objects.

The Competition’s objects are to be presented by the author or by the managing representative of the authors’ group. The materials are to be submitted on the panels of foam cardboard or on the posters of 1000(h) x700(l) mm. The panels or posters must have any holes or another system for suspending.
One competition project should be arranged on one or two panels and presented in accordance with the scheme of arrangement of an object (see appendix B). 
Works may be presented in any convenient form (photos, drafts, etc.). If a model is presented it is to be exposed together with a supplement; the size of the model is not regulated. The object is to be presented as full as possible (plans on a readable scale, master plan (situation plan), facades (lofts), generic illustration (photos), technical & economic features, etc.) and is to occupy a separate panel. 
Information about the object is to be situated, according to the scheme, on the upper side of the panel No 1 in the field 100mm high.
It is necessary to indicate the contestant’s participation degree in each project (an author, a co-author, a member of the authors’ group and etc.), the authors’ collective, and also the organization, that fulfilled the project.
 An appropriate square, indicating “section” and “nomination” of the project is to be situated on the right upper side. A colored square 40x40mm points out a nomination of the competition:
1. Dark blue -- Town-planning and designing;  
2. Red -- Social and industrial complexes, buildings and establishments;
3. Orange -- Living high-storied houses;
4. Yellow -- Living one-apartment and low-storied houses (1 to 3 floors);
5. Green -- Landscape architecture, city design and monumental art and sculpture in the architecture;
6. Brown – Restoration, regeneration, reconstruction and rehabilitation of historical and cultural heritage; 
7. Grey – Interiors.
Black contour around a colored square 10mm thick points out “Construction” Section, lack of it – “Project” Section.
The entries not satisfying the given requirements will be exhibited but will not be considered by the jury.
The panels are to be submitted for the exposition installing before November 2nd to The Secretariat of PO ”BUA”, The Republican House of Architect, K.Marx Str., 14, Minsk BELARUS. The exposition dismantling will take place in National Art Gallery, 3 Kozlov St. at 9 -- 12 a.m. on November 6 th by the competition participants’ efforts.


7. Catalogue

On the results of the Biennale a catalogue of the winners’ and participants’ works is to be issued.  To make it possible it is required to present a digital copy of presentation (JPEG,300 dpi, A4). The main drafts and photos of the object are to be in separated files too. The digital copy (one page A4 of the catalogue for one entry) is to be submitted together with the panels. Publication in the catalogue is free of charge.


8. Organization committee

The organization committees address: 
The Secretariat of PO “BUA”,
The Republican House of Architect
K.Marx Str., 14
Tel. /fax: (+ 375 17) 227 71 20, 
The additional information about “Leonardo 2011 Awards” will be available on the
Foreign guests interested in accommodation, visa support, etc. are requested to contact the organizers as soon as possible.


A. Registration form  
B. Scheme of arrangement
C. Production of posters (panels)

Appendix A
Participant Registration Form
for the IVth Minsk International Biennale
of young architects “Leonardo 2011 Award”

1 Section (Construction/Project) 
2 Nomination
3 Name of the object (location)
4 Author/ Authors’ group member(contestant) 
5 Project enterprise
6 Authors’ group personnel 
   Chief projects’ architect 
   Chief projects’ engineer 
   General plan  
   3D visualization 
7 Project’s stage (for a project)
8 Year and month (of the object’s putting into operation/ of the project’s issuing) 
9 Contestant’s address 
10 Contact telephone number 
11 E-mail 
12 The need for making a poster (panel) 
13 Number of panels for the object: one or two (hxL) 1000x700  

The registration form is to be directed to the Secretariat of  PO ”BUA”, the Republican House  of Architect, K.Marx Str., 14, Minsk,  BELARUS, tel./fax: (+ 375 17) 227 71 20 before October 1, 2011. The additional information is available on the site

Appendix B
The Scheme of Arrangement
of the entries for participation in the IVth Minsk International Biennale
of young architects “Leonardo 2011”

Name of the object(location):
Project enterprise:
Author/ Authors’ group member
(the Competition’s object’s applicant):
Authors’ group Authors’ group personnel:
Project’s stage:
Year and month (of the object’s putting 
into operation/ of the project’s issuing):

Suggested drafts’ and photographs’ composition on the panel:

1. Perspectives 
2. Master plan (situation)
3. Plan(s)
4. Elevation(s)
5. Section(s)
6. Detail(s)                                                                                                      
7. Explanations and Technical&Economical Indexes

*** If you do not act in accordance with Appndix C, please send produced posters (panels) with representative persons of your country, visiting the "Leonardo 2011", because with postal parcels may have customs problems.

Appendix С

Production of posters (panels)

The Biennale Organizing Committee can produce exhibition materials (panels, posters) of the projects that are e-mailed or sended on CD by the participants if they have paid the expenses. To pay for it you need:
- to state in the registration form (Appendix A, point 12) that you need the panel (poster) to be produced;
- to pay 25 Euros by bank transfer to the account of the public organization Belarusian Union of Architects (see Appendix C) until 20th October.
The works need to be sent to be assembled for the exhibition until 20th October by E-mail: or on CD to the address: The Republican House of Architects, 220030 Karl Marx str., 14, Minsk   BELARUS


If you have got questions or difficulties regarding payment for information you can contact the Secretariat of the Belarusian Union of Architects (BUA), Tel. /Fax: (+ 375 17) 227 7120, E-mail:

Information on the bank transfer to Section #527 OAO BELINVESTBANK


Correspondent bank 
Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt, S.W.I.F.T. code DEUTDEFF
Account number in correspondent bank 949 817 110

Recipient’s bank
Belinvestbank, 527 branch,
16 Lenina str., Minsk, Belarus, code 739
S.W.I.F.T. code BLBBBY2X.

Account # 301 570 257 5125
Name of the organization, legal address:
The public organization Belarusian Union of Architects
Karla Marksa st. 14, Minsk, 220030
Republic of Belarus

Prior payment for the production of panels and posters for the exhibition