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The International Association of Eurasian Unions of Architects (IAUA)

Archi-World® Academy Awards: winners are announced!

Archi-World® Academy Awards: winners are announced!


Dear architect,
Dear student in architecture,

With over 1400 students in architecture participating from all over the world, the second edition of Archi-World® Academy did once again create opportunities for the future talents in architecture. Many thanks to all participants, students, jury members and our president Prof. Pallasmaa.

We have to pleasure of inviting you to the awarding ceremony of the Archi-World Academy Awards 2013-2015 which will take place on 21st of January 2015 at 15.30 in FORUM C2 during BAU/Munich. A free entry ticket for BAU will be offered by registration for the awarding ceremony.

The event will host a round table about the topic:
‘The future of architecture’.

Following architects have confirmed their participation:

Mr Thomas Herzog
Mr Mario Cucinella
Mr Ibrahim Jaidah
Mr Philippe Samyn
Mr Paul de Ruiter
Mr Juan M. Herranz Molina
Mr Madhav Raman

Presentation Archi-World® Academy Awards, third edition by
Mr Sergey Romanov

Christian Salandanan
Joyce Stijnen
wins internship with Anagram Architects, India
wins internship with Samyn and Partners, Belgium
CASA KAWAYAN: Bamboo Research and Development Complex
From archetype to prototype: the Philippine bahay kubo concept revisited.
Ksenia Kiripkova
Wallison Caetano
wins internship with Arab Engineering Bureau, Qatar
wins internship with Mario Cucinella Architects, Italy

Recreational center"ISLAND BARAN" in the waters
area of the pond in Ekaterinburg

Vertical Farm of Paulista Avenue
Bartolomé Gómez Cordero
Viktoriia Kuripka
wins internship with SOM, USA
wins internship with Virai Arquitectos, Spain
A SHADOW IN FEZ.Central Library of the Maghreb
Co-housing as the zone of influens on a depressive territory
Boyana Stoeva
Carolina Travaglio
wins internship with Peter Stutchbury, Australia
wins internship with Paul de Ruiter Architects, The Netherlands
Spiritus Urbana
Prototype AMPZ-1045, Cultural Bridge for the City
Ivan Matveev
Kutay Biberoğlu
wins internship with Asadov Architectural Studio, Russia
wins internship with FR-EE, Mexico
Performing arts center on Taganskaya square
Cataldo Ancona
Osman Sümer
wins internship with Thomas Herzog Architekten, Germany
wins internship with ABWB/Alemparte Barreda Wedeles Besancon Arquitectos y Asociados, Chile
Student residence in Lyon
Living Bridge

Congratulations to all participants!
In January the 3rd edition
will be launched.