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Special UIA Web Site on Climate and Architecture

Special UIA Web Site on Climate and Architecture

Paris July 29 2015
Dear Colleagues

For World Architecture Day (5 October 2015) and in preparation for our participation in COP 21—the international conference and treaty negotiations on global climate change to be held in Paris this year—the UIA is creating a dedicated web site on the theme Architecture, Building, Climate: Responsible Architecture and Urban Design. The web site will highlight exemplary work and practices, as well as related events and activities.

In order to enrich this special web site, and to reach a global audience, please send material to the UIA on these topics:

•        Images, drawings, and photographs, illustrating great work and ideas on the theme of architecture and town planning related to climate change. Please include a description and credits for all images. Please avoid low-resolution images for publication, and send them in jpg, gif, or png formats.

•        Movies and videos, also related to the theme. Please send links to the applicable platform, such as YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion (UIA cannot host movies or videos on its server).

•        Documents in a definitive state you probably would publish it yourself: pdf is the most common type of document.

•       News of events, exhibitions, conferences, magazine and publications.

Please include all sharable information: programme agenda, event and topic descriptions, registration requirements, and, of course, location and dates. Please also include links to web sites of interest or Facebook pages.

All UIA Member Sections are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Please contact us for further information.

Catherine Hayward, UIA Communications Director

+33 1 45 24 72 43

Jean-Christophe Polgar, UIA Technology Manager

+33 1 45 24 72 44